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2012 Season Recap May 17th

May 19, 2012 by

Well turkey season is over and we had a great season.We added a south zone hunt this year which allowed an early start,1st Sat. in March. That season went better than expected with about 75%success.The first time I hunted this ranch and liked the ranch and number of birds that are there.Next season should be much better knowing now what the birds want to do on their daily routes makes hunting a lot better.

The central season was awesume again this year with 100% success on clients.Had one client that took a two year old but thats a long story for later this summer after the pain wears off.Took 3 birds with 1 3/4"spurs,3 with 1 1/2"spurs and rest were all good mature birds.Got the a good many on film again this year so look on the turkey page for new video's and youtube for more.Search little lake lodge and there are 15 video's from the ranch.I will be posting more throughoout the summer.Still need some bow hunters to committ to the challenge.Had some great opportunities but need a bow hunter.Had several celebs hunting this year,will let you know when shows air.Don't want to spoil the show so I'll keep it a secret.Brad Cochran from DSD decoys was here and had a good hunt.He took a nice 4 yr old with gun.Had birds all over him for two days and finally got the shot he needed.Got his hunt on film from several different angles and should be good video.

Plan early if you are wanting to hunt osceola turkey.We have room now but the hunts go fast.We have 9000 acres to hunt now and hope to add more over summer.All hunts are guided with meals and lodging included.You can combine gator or hog or both if you like.Call (954)448-0015 or email info@littlelakelodge.net if you have anymore questions.

Hog hunts are going on now.Plenty of good hogs and hunting has slowed so now is good time to get ranch to yourself.Hogs are hitting feeders and stalking opportunities in the afternoon are there.

Gator season starts August 15th and runs thru October.Tags are limited and gators are plentiful.Bow or crossbow these are exciting hunts you will not forget.

Planting dove fields soon and added another field.Plenty of birds hanging around now so I hope they'll be here in October.

This blog is new to us so check back for more updates,seasons and whats going on in Okeechobee.

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